Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Observtions

We went to town today. I saw a few things that seemed to indicate that the times are a changing.

#1. I saw a 1980s vintage automobile with REALLY tiny wheels and tires. Which was par until they hit a bump and the entire automobile began bouncing around. I thought they might lose the driver for a moment. It was all I could do not to laugh. Also, my attention was drawn by the fact that the occupents were white and completely out of place, as though they were trying to be ethnic.

#2. The next vehicle I saw was ANOTHER 1980s era vehicle. This time it was driven by an ethnic driver. The difference between it and the previous car was that this one had extremely BIG tires and wheels...which made it look ready for the roughest terrain. Still, it did not look right. Is THAT the next new thing?

#3. I saw a woman with painted eye brows. I guess that isn't so different from normal. The strange thing was she seemed to have one eyebrow painted on in an arc, whilst the other one was certainly more made her look like a Vulcan with an attitude problem. It really made me wonder what her mirror looked like, perhaps it was convex. That or she had very BAD vision.

I started a couple new paintings tonight. One will be a dragon...that may take some work. I plan to do another monogram, except for a boy.the last is a tall on which I think I may use to make a Giraffe.

Tomorrow, my family is going to stop in and have dinner with us. For my birthday. Even though it's a day early. Should be a good day!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YOu are doing very well on the paintings..
Can't wait to see the new ones..
Have fun today..
Happy Birthday..