Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sexy Shorts Mended!

I have a pair of shorts that are several years old. They are made of a thin linen-like material. They have seen better days; in fact, Cora won't let me wear them out of the house(to town, for instance, working around the house was ok). They developed a...personality a few years ago. A hole developedin the pocket. Then the hem came away on one of the legs. Well, this summer there was an explosive decompression...and an eight inch long tear appeared in the region of my buttocks. I saved them, despite their ragged condition.

I began painting recently. I am a little energetic with mybrush and could potentially ruin better clothes. I decided to begin using the old shorts...but, the 8 inch gash made them suspect. I asked Cora to mend them this morning...I even said she could use any old material she had...I did not care about what color it was. She is fixing them at this moment. She is not pleased to have to interrupt her precious dressmaking, but she is doing it. (With only a little grumbling)

I expect to be wearing a pair of shorts with hot pink thread! Still, I will have something to paint in. But, I am under very stringent instructions: I "must never be seen in them." that means I can't even go in the back yard!...bit strict I think. Gotta love her!


Cora said...

I will do anything for you even though I think they should be trashed, and i used pale pink not hot pink I think it matches your complection.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

There is NOTHING sexy about those shorts!