Monday, March 9, 2009


We were wondering what was going on with our Burundi adoption. Being important parts of the adoption (potential parents), we have more than a passing curiosity. I call every once in awhile to try to get more information on what is going on, but often I get answers to questions I did not ask. Emails usually go unanswered, but sometimes we are surprised by answers two or more weeks later.

There is a Yahoo Group we must monitor to be good adoptive parents (It's in the contract, I don't make this shit up). Someone left a message the other day asking if other people in the Burundi program were frustrated with the lack of communication. I replied in the affirmative, citing my phone difficulties and the lack of information. A few other people concurred, wondering what is happening.

Today the director of the agency roundly chastised us in a LONGGGG post and cited all the communication the agency has been doing (for the OTHER county programs). Then his lackies all signed on in support of him (they are the YES PEOPLE, whose exact location I estimate to be somewhere between his upper and lower colon).

I was pissed! I wrote several replies. One reply compared the director to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's chief propagandist. Others were less inflammatory. I did not post any of them. I dared not. This "support" site is moderated by the agency. I don't want to jeopordize the adoption. I don't want them to punish Cora for my angry retort. You can't say anything but PRO-AGENCY propaganda on this site. Those who don't are put on comment moderation. It has happened before when people stated their true opinions, feelings, frustrations, or worries.

I can't say what I think on their site, but I can say it here. (And I am NOT NAMING NAMES!)


Cora said...

yes well it appears we are not alone in our frustration. It was just childish of him to post that reply and shouldn't he be woring on our programs instead of spending hours on that.

Edna said...

Sounds almost like you're getting the run-around. Or maybe something is going on that they don't want to mention. I feel for ya.

Grandma Blog said...

What a bunch of ash pores. Why are they so much on the defensive? How unprofessional. You guys should start your own private site to post your frustrations.