Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Wii-grets! Saturday Purchase!

Wii bought a Wii today. Well, Cora did. She used her birthday money. Wii managed to find one in the first store we went to. About a month or so ago, my in-laws had asked us to watch for one. Wii did watch…and never did see one, not until after they found one did we see one in a store. Wii did not expect it to be so easy to find one. I am glad Wii have one, but I don’t think Wii will change because of it.

I came home and mowed lawn while Cora prepared a place for our newest arrival. She filled our final hanging basket and I ran a soaker hose around the house to water the plants we don’t get to by hand. I also rearranged the little shed we have in the backyard. It is more of an outdoor closet. Still, it’s big enough for the mower and a lot of stuff from the laundry room.

We had steaks; my own personal marinade…a sweet hot salty goodness that I probably ought to patent. Mmmmm-mmmm good. So, all in all a nice day.


grandma said...

One thing good about being married, you can always enjoy each other's birthday gifts. Unless, of course, it's a make-up kit. You might not enjoy that too much. Or would you??? Now don't get your drawers in a knot, I'm just kiddin.

Cora said...

I still feel guilty about buying somthing fun and not for the baby. It is fun and I am going to smash you on the golf course.