Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dinamic Duo, Teaching and Maintenance!

Today, I led a double life. I began the day as a maintenance guy, then about half-way through it, I changed and went to the elementary and subbed for the reading teacher that seems to like me so much. I also got lunch out of the deal. Not to mention the numerous confused looks on both students and teachers who had all seen me on the lawn mower, then saw me all “Teachered-Up” (for lack of a better term). I had a pretty good day. Mowing lets you allow your thoughts to wander and teaching lets you exercise your mental prowess against the cleverest of prey…students.

I did have a close call. When I jumped on the mower, it had about 5/8 of a tank…generally plenty. I was using the NEW Toro, though. I have not used it very much…they just got it last fall. I got over to the elementary…about a mile and a half away…when I DID, I looked at my gage and noted it was not even at ½. I began to worry. I got most of the way done with the lawn and looked at it…it was on E…well, the red bar that stands for E on that mower. As it was, I made it…barely. When I filled it up the 18 gallon tank (I thought, since I had never put more than 17.9 into it) took 19.5. I have had a history of such feats of gasoline prowess…one day, in my high school years, I COASTED into the gas station…the engine having died one hundred yards earlier. I did the same with one of the school cargo vans two years ago. I think I have a gift…or maybe it’s a curse.

I found the bowl of a spoon with my metal detector today in a five minute search between jobs at noon. I found it in the front yard…today a spoon, tomorrow the world…or something.

Cora is still sick…you would think she has grown attached to that cold. I went to town and got her some cold meds…she is sleeping. Maybe I should take something to help me sleep. Oh, well.

I am watching a classic movie. It has Candice Bergen in it…somewhere. It is called “The Day the Fish Came Out.” Made in 1967, it plays off the American spectacle at Palamores, Spain in 1966(accidentally dropped some H-bombs, oops). It begins with a Greek island. Then an American plane blunders overhead, in mechanical trouble. They decide to jettison their bombs and “Special Cargo” on land instead of the sea, since Palamores was such a fiasco. So far the Air Force has sent a special detachment to the island…they are dressed…well, GAY. The pilots of the bomber remain alive. They see the GAY tourists and wish to avoid them…so far, it is looking like a pretty funny movie.

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grandma said...

I don't know how you do all that you do. It must be the youth in you. Oh, to be young again.