Saturday, May 10, 2008

Desert Booty...err, beauty

This one was fun. I liked the way this huge Saguaro looked from under its arms. It looks even better in this sepia than it did in normal color. But, trust me, as the photographer, the original looks awsome, too.

This is the same cactus from a diffrent angle. I could have spent hours in the desert taking picture after picture of every cactus I saw...each one has a different personality. like people, Some are more prickly than others.

This last one is my favorite. No, I was not busy painting. I was busy doing several different steps to achieve this. the last step, obviously, was to give it the brush effect. I think the yellow sky and crimson sage is a nice touch. What say you?

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Cora said...

I knew you would like the effects once you had a chance to play with them. cool picture enhancements