Sunday, June 1, 2008

Got Wiine?

Wii have a Wii. I think I mentioned that yesterday. Unfortunately, there is a game we got that has tanks. It is not a high tech game. Just some tanks. One is you and the rest are the bad guys. I have become addicted. Yes, I am a tank ace now. It is hard to put down. I was playing the Tank game while Cora quilted tonight.

We planted some gladiolas and snapdragons and then I made war on the ants. The ants have shown up once again. I cleaned out a few cupboards and made crazy with the poison. Then we went to town and got some ant killer barrier…hopefully that will take care of them.

Since I was in the area I dusted the top of the cupboards, too. I found a ton of corks. I throw corks from a newly opened bottle of wine up there. I have been for QUITE SOME TIME…apparently. Or maybe last summer? I think I began it with the thought of a cork wreath…I don’t know, I just come up with these ideas, I don’t actually think them through!

There must have been over 100 corks up there. We are NOT alcoholics, we are wine conesours Conesuers Coinesoiuers Officianodos Ofishinatos apprecciators Ah, Hell…We like wine, OK?

On the down side of the weekend, that thing with my in-laws’ van, the broken window. It happened again. Yep! In broad daylight. Same window, same van. They just got the new window on Thursday. Shattered.

We took the dogs with us over to "Grandma's" (well, the dogs know it as Pepper's, since that is the in-laws' dog's name, and they love her) and this is how Toby looked after playing

On the up side, my Aunt Sherry got a Gold Medal in some sort of throwing contest in the Special Olympics which happened in Olympia this weekend.

This is my dad from last Monday! He was working up a sweat, do you notice? It was HOT out there. You can see the "Small" crane in this picture...the yellow one. Yeah, he has gone to extreme lengths to make trucks everywhere laugh at his. just look at this entry from last week to see how the front end looks!


Cora said...

It was a good weekend, Sad to see it go.

love ya

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds like a Great Weekend..
LOVE the pictures..
I wish I could sew..
I think if you had 100 or more corks.. you might need to go to a AA meeting..LOL..
Wish I could find one I liked..
Have a Great Week..