Monday, May 5, 2008

Flying on Instruments?

More Music today. I did not dance as much as last time. I did get a few more requests to sub. Unfortunately I am working those days already. I would love to know who these people had subbing for them a couple months ago…I guess I just needed to get my excellence out there. (that was tongue in cheek, there, for those of you who think I have a horrid ego) But, I had a good day. Added a little humor to the day, and the afternoon music teacher seemed to enjoy my being there. We did not depend on instruments, but rather a CD player.

I took in our book. Cora was looking around a few weeks ago and found this part of the Costco site that allowed you to publish a book with your photos in it. It is a hard bound book. It took us about an evening and a little more to finish making it, then we sent it to the site on Sunday. We got it on Saturday. IT IS AWESOME!! Looks like a coffee table book. It is beautiful. I took it to work and several teachers went ga ga over it. Many asking where they could get their own. Yeah, I am cool. I am also awesome, not to mention spiffy.

You saw my wing tip. You have heard about my auxiliary tank (drop tank). You have seen my helicopter pilot helmet. I am not certain you have seen my instruments. I have informed Cora that my ultimate goal is to build an airplane from all the spare parts that I obtain. So, here you will see my lovely instrument collection. I shall eventually build it! (my airplane) My latest acquisition is the landing gear and flaps gage, in the middle. Pretty cool collection, huh? I am patient.


grandma said...

And lets not mention, a little bit goofy. Jim is just being Jim !!!
You building an airplane makes me think of the county song about a guy that worked in a car factory and built a car from stealing car parts over the years. He would carry the parts out in his lunch bucket. So, you see it can be done. Yes cora, I know I shouldn't encourage him. LOL

Cora said...

Grandma, No you should not encourage him you just gave him the idea to get a job with Boeing. Jim, there are just no words to decribe what I am feeling right now about your plane idea or maybe there are but this is a family friendly blog.

Cora said...

Oh yeah and our book is cool, huh!?!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

WOW... dont' know what to say...LOL>.
just kidding..
Have a Great Evening..
Your wife is ignoring me...LOL..