Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding SNAFUs and Things That Never Happened

Happy Anniversary Emily and Ryan!!

One year ago, as has already been noted, my sister-in-law was married. It was a great wedding and I wish all weddings could have that flavor. Of course, I am sure that some of the little hitches experienced there, are better avoided. For instance: Limos without air conditioning in the summer sun of the Tri-Cities…not a good match. Judges that do not show up at the appointed time might be better used as anchors on large freighters. Oh, and people who seem to have hallucinated (group hallucination here, a very rare instance) that I was seen doing any kind of dancing in women’s shoes.

For some reason this myth keeps circulating that I danced in the groom’s sister’s shoes. Such rumors are wholly works of fiction, and as there is no photographic proof, I contend that said actions never happened. You can see Cora's sight for pictures of things that DID happen.

I enjoyed the wedding. I would include the two of them as friends even if I weren’t related. Happy Anniversary!!

Today, I get the dubious honor of working with my Dad and Sister on a roof. It is putting tin roofing on, so it should not be that bad. I will never choose to take a roof OFF ever again. I have had my share. I don’t enjoy the dust and the heat and the nastiness of the two combined. Putting a roof on is another story…it is somewhat more pleasant (I compare it to the difference in changing a tire yourself in the heat of midsummer [topped off by a dust storm and then added to by humidity and then more dust, so as to increase the grittiness of your clothes and skin, until you feel like a lizard ready to shed his skin] and letting the nice guys at the tire center do it for you.). On the bright side, there is generally some sort of good natured hazing and verbal abuse to be endured…which is o.k., since I intend to be the one doing the verbal abuse, if not the hazing. (in the old days, this meant a slow person on the roof might get nailed down or in some other fashion attached to the roof, or his stuff may end up in high out of reach places where a plummet to certain death awaited an incautious step.) It was really great fun!
Cora is going to visit her sister in the interim...some retail therapy I believe she calls it...

I will let you know how it went.

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Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love those shoes... I would sure like to see the picture of you in them...LOL>.
Hope your day was good..