Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dead Quiet, Golden Sprinkler, pathogens

Cora is still sick. Once she gets something, she does not like to let go. I told her to just let it go, but she just exhaled and smiled at me...she exhaled in my direction. I am not sure she thought I was being helpful. She stayed home today. Her voice is missing...well, it is barely hanging in. She squeaks. It is one of the cutest things! I love asking her to repeat herself...mainly because her squeaks get more and more desparate and higher in tone. I just love teasing her with purposeful missunderstanding. "You want what? A sink? You want a LOTTA DRINKS? What? Oh, a WATER to DRINK." She knows I do these things, and still she fulfills my wishes by repeating herself and squeaking! I have the best wife!

I looked up "Germ" and found "Pathogen."

I worked maintenance today. Mowed lawn and help move some chairs. I went home for lunch and made some soup for Cora...I don't know how much she ate, but she was not feeling well. It was a nice day at work, but I needed to get home to take Gypsy to the vet...also I wanted to buy my metal detector. I did. I now have a Whites Prizm II. The White's Metal Detector site is pretty cool, too. I am going to need some more practice.

I spent five minutes in the backyard. I found several nails...did not bother picking them up, since it told me what they were...and after this weekend, I know our yard is loaded with them...then I got a big hit...I took my screwdriver and began digging. It was awesome. The thrill of the hunt was spectacular! I kept getting this hot hit. I kept digging. One inch. Two inches. Finally, three inches under the ground! I found something! It was...well, it wasn't the gold piece I had hoped for...rather, it was a, well, it was not a gold piece. It was a lawn sprinkler. Presumably our predecessor acidentally lost it.

I look forward to learning my metal detector's ins and outs. I think I have several areas nearby that I can search with freedom. I will not divulge them, though. That would be like showing how a magic trick is done...and yet, I have nothing to show for it...yet.

Tomorrow, I sub. Only half a day. I gave up a full day because I was being nice to a loyal teacher...you know, the one who likes me because I was not able to tell time. I DO get to mow lawn, but at noon I turn into super-sub and do my subbing magic.

About Cora's sickness, she is exquisitely cute. She squeaks and squawks, but this time I got video...though, to retain peace in my marriage, I am not allowed to post it. Too bad, too, since all of you would just say, "Ahhh, she is so cute when she is pathetic!"

Have a good day.


Sister C said...

Hey why is it your wife already has 4 comments today and you none?

Well now you have one because I feel sorry for my big older brother.

Hey if you let all your students know you have a blog I'm sure they'll fill this place up. Shall I advertise for you? A big poster leaned up on your car with the address for MR.HUFFMAN. I can see it now.

That would be scary--- no I would not do that I just like to make you nervous.

love you bro

grandma said...

I thought I left one on here yesterday, but now it's gone. Or maybe my brain is gone. I commented on the fantastic new toy, the metal detector. Too bad it doesn't work on wood so you could find the wooden spoon that your wife so cleverly hid.