Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy McMothers Day!

I just want to tell all of you mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day! This morning I got up a little early…ok, I had to use the bathroom and blow my nose. (Just as an aside, I picked up another cold at school the other day and Cora got it too [unintended Mothers Day Gift]. Yesterday, I coughed up something that looked a little like a tree frog…it was green and seemed to have legs.) Cora has it a little worse than I, and so I left her to rest. I got dressed, grabbed Toby and went to town, where I got some McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches…something I think we both have a weakness for. She likes the McGriddles and I like the Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffins. I then drove to the Starbucks and got us coffee. If you are wondering why I took Toby, well, our beloved little furry son seems to go nuts when I leave without taking Cora with me. He would have likely jumped on the bed and whined and generally have done anything to annoy Cora. I did not want her to wake up before she was ready, so I removed the problem. Unfortunately, she may need to remove some nose prints from her windows (yes, I took her car. If you knew how it drives, you would too!).

So, I let her relax and try to feel better, then, I went out to attempt to bury the chicken wire around the yard. Chicken wire has been our most recent and most successful (so far) weapon in the war against Gypsy. Gypsy is the tunneling, climbing, slithering, squeezing escape artist. I have taken four foot (about 1.16 meters [this is to welcome any international readers I may have acquired]) chicken wire and stapled it to the fence, then I buried it under about 5-6 inches (12-14 centimeters) of dirt. I did very well at first; I was separating the sod and the dirt for easier replacement. By the end, which I did not quite finish, I was throwing it back on the wire willy-nilly. I could not have cared less where it fell. Now, I only have another fifty feet or so (…errr, what is that? Decameters divided by…hectares times…how many kilometers? Well, I am past my comfort zone, sorry) of fence to bury and thereby defeat the devil dog.

I am, shall we say, out of shape. That is not to say I don’t have a shape…somewhat bulbous, actually, but I am not as fit as I would like to be. I came in shaking and sweating and hot and thirsty. I went back out a few times and finally called it good about 4pm. Cora seemed to feel a little better in the afternoon and took some pictures of her baby blankets. She makes them and hopes to sell them to help us afford some of the adoption expenses (we are adopting from China). They are really pretty cute. You can find them here. She has worked pretty hard on them. I should see if I can work e-bay well enough to sell something. I have the buying part down pat! I have some extra historic items I would like to sell. I don’t necessarily want to part with them, but space is going to be at a premium when we do finally get Little Miss home.

Well, that about does it. Cora got all of our AZ pictures on a DVD and I have played with a few of them on Corel Paint.

Meatloaf tonight and some relaxing, then we begin another week.


Cora said...

Thanks for breakfast and letting me rest today.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Sounds like you had a busy day...
LOVE McD's... big breakfast.. and Starbucks is my FAVORITE... chai all the way..
Have a Great Week..

grandma said...

I like your pictures. I also looked at Cora's blankets. They are really nice.