Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wii are Fishing!

Fishing from the armchair…what could be better, especially if you don’t care for the way it tastes. We still have the in-law’s Wii. Cora and I opened her Dad’s fishing game. OMG, it is too fun. Jeez, I sound like a little girl, but, seriously, it is SO MUCH fun! It is a bass fishing game and you cast and reel and change bait…it is addicting. I ALMOST had an 18 pounder. We have been playing it all afternoon.

Apparently the idiots at Best Buy forgot to mention that you need a few other things…wires and a power strip…and who knows what else they forgot…when you buy one of those ginormous televisions. My in-laws are unhappy. They can’t use their giant LCD TV, yet. I can’t believe the amount of trouble Best Buy has been to work with lately. If any of the Best Buy executives read this blog, could you be a bit nicer to my In-Laws? I think it’s bad business to do that kind of stuff! When I worked at Home Depot, they wanted you to sell the WHOLE project to the customer…and if there was a better product elsewhere, then tell the customer for god’s sake, the customer remembers those kinds of things and will come back because you tried to save them a few bucks…apparently Best Buy is run by idiots.

Well, Cora is having trouble bringing fish to the boat. I had better help….no luck for her this time.

We had Corned Beef…mmmm-mmm good. Along with boiled Carrots and Cabbage. Well, I had better see if I can get some fishing in.

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Cora said...

Glad you enjoyed our fishing trip!! I wish the real ones were that easy to catch!