Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Petroleum Prices Pendulous

My truck, near Paradise, CA!

OK. I should not complain. I only have to drive about a mile to work. My truck gets decent milage compared to most. My wife drives a Hybrid. Still, yesterday, I had to refuel. I have not done so in about 3 weeks. It cost me $48 for 13 gallons. I know, we have, in comparison with other localities, relatively low fuel prices, but, for crying out loud! That is ALOT of money! I would love to spend $50 on other books, or airplane stuff. How about wine? Or Steak! I love a good steak, freshly grilled and smoked.

I am going to jump on my soap box: Why haven't car makers seen this fuel crisis coming? I am certain they have, but they kept making gas guzzlers. Now, I hear there is a waiting list for hybrids here in Central Washington. Ha! Demand has gone up and outpaced the ability to produce them. Ours came from Idaho. I am betting that dealers are reluctant to let go of their hybrids to other dealers. I know there are good reasons for having a gas guzzler, but, is it necessary to drive one around in small parking lots? Maybe we should have started getting smaller cars or more efficient ones earlier from the car makers? How about that electric car they had in California in the early 80s? What happened to that? The big auto makers put in the dust bin.

Ok, how about the oil companies? why are they maing record profits? It might be because we are using more...but, really? Are there that many more cars on the roads? Haven't they recovered from Hurricane Katrina, yet? What is the latest natural disaster they are blaming it on? I may be uninformed on these subjects, but, as a consumer it seems a little fishy. I don't like it. In Spanish: No Ma Gusta!!!! No Ma Gusta!!!


Cora said...

The truck sure looks good with out the canopy. I hate gas prices too but tonight I am going to have to fill my car up as well.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I will make you feel a little better...
When I fill the van up... it is 68.00... Have a GREAT evening..
Is your dear wife still working her tail off??