Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hanging Basket Case, and Broken Windows

You never know when you are going to change plans. Well, I don’t. We had planned to work on one of the bedrooms to better make things ready for Little Miss. As it happened, though, our weather looked much better than the weatherman had planned. Rather than rain, we had lovely sun and the odd cloud. I began by fixing the washing machine. Its part came in on Wednesday. After a little sweet talking (read cursing) it went together beautifully. Cora was full of helpful hints, and received some minor threats for her helpfulness. You can see the joy I was feeling toward the washing machine on my face.
Then I started shoveling the last of the dirt back over the chicken wire that has successfully kept Gypsy in the yard. Then we decided to get some plants for the hanging baskets and also get some groceries. By the time we got to the nursery, we decided against groceries and got plenty of other stuff.

When we got back, I looked at the picnic table and decided I could do better for a spot for Cora to pot her plants. I have had several 2X4s in the shed since Cora’s parents remodeled their home. I decided to use them. Turns out several had warped and were a bit under par. We decided to make another run back in to Lowe’s, where I got wood (2X4s) and she got an extra couple sections of plant fencing to keep her clamydia …clematis safe.

Cora even got in on the hammering action!

Everything turned out pretty good, even the steaks:

On the down side, while the in-laws (mine) are out of town, we check their cat. (that’s not the down side) Their neighbor came over (to our'd he know where we live?)and told us that the window in the in-law’s van got broken. They had already called the police, who showed up when we were there. We fixed the window by duct-taping the window with plastic.

We also had some "help" in the back yard...This is Sully, who did alot of overseeing and managing.
Toby was prety good, too.
and the final product:

Tomorrow, I get to hose up all the plants and Cora will attack the Bleeding Hearts...which must be among the Guiness Book of World Records...they are freaking montrous. four feet tall, six feet wide and four feet deep. Each year they come back bigger, next year we will have to cut them back just to see out the windows!

Have a great weekend!


Cora said...

Thanks for the bench, I love it. It was a good day since it rained all night it might be an indoor day today I guess we will see.

Lorrene said...

Your blog is just like being there. How interesting. The bench was an ingenius idea. Which one of you is the genius?
I wonder what the window breaker was expecting to find in the van.
Thieves are the lowest class of people there are.