Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Phine Photo Phinishing

So, I played with Corel Paint a little bit tonight. I like it, but I apparently have no imagination. I do some cropping and I almost always increase the contrast, and sometimes I adjust the colors a little, but I never feel the need to do all those other little options…like: Why in the world would I want to solarize a picture that I went to great lengths to compose? I took that photo with the idea of showing the subject in the way I found it…or with some minor adjustments. Why would I want to see it in negative? I suppose it is a nice option to have, but does that REALLY come up? “George, I like this picture you took, but to me the colors are all wrong. Try reversing them!” Well, here are a couple of pictures I worked on tonight.

This is the FORD...that is F4D

This is a Constellation...not the star type.

And this fine one is a Pratt and Whitney R-3350. This particular one is mounted on the B-29 at the Pima Air Museum.
OK, maybe having a picture like this in negative IS kind of cool.

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