Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today, we slept in…that is to say we slept past 7am. Then we drank coffee, watched TV, and checked our e-mails. We eventually got dressed. Then we went over to check on Gracie…the cat…at my in-law’s. Then we went to town. We got groceries and ate lunch. After we got the groceries unloaded, I finished the final touches to my Improved Time Saving-Huffman Irrigatory Project (ITS-HIP)that I had been waiting for the hanging pots to finish. I think I did ok. It is handy to just turn on the faucet for a little while each evening instead of racing around with a hose and trying to make sure we get every one of the plants. I put it up last year, and it was a vast improvement over the Neverending Occupier of Time- Huffman Irrigatory Project (NOT-HIP) that was used prior and often resulted in dead plants.

Have a look:

These are the Gigantor Bleeding Hearts, which are now somewhere about 6X4X4 feet!

Cora and I went back to town for a little while to look into getting me a Bluetooth. The new Washington law goes into effect June 1st requiring cell phone users to have some sort of hands-free device when they are driving. I am not a big fan of traffic tickets, for good reason, since I have had my fair share in years passed. I would prefer to keep it that way, in the past. I think I know which one I want, but I did a little more shopping. Basically it was a great waste of time.

We did however get 39.2 miles to the gallon on Cora’s last tank…and we are getting that and better on this new tank also. The sticker in the window when we bought it said it would get 33 and 34 MPG…we have been getting better than that lately! Cora drove all the way to Portland and back and then two days of work and some more driving and she still had a quarter tank of fuel left. She had 435 miles on that tank and could have pushed it past 500! Gas was $3.73 at Costco. It was a good deal worse at other places. $4.09 at one place, and diesel was $4.99. I don’t know how others can manage it with fuel prices approaching such heights. The kid at the restaurant we had lunch at said he paid over $70 a week for gas…considering minimum wage is a little over $8/hour, he works an entire day just to pay for his week of fuel. Things won’t hold well at this rate, people won’t be able to afford going to work!

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Cora said...

Thanks for the the picture of me in my sweats. Exactly what I want on the world wide web :0) good thing it is paired with a refelction of you with out a shirt.
Love YA!