Friday, May 30, 2008

Crap or Shit?

Is Crap a bad word? I have more than passing interest: as a substitute teacher it has come up on more than one occasion. Sometimes it is because students tattle on others for saying the word, others because I have accidentally used the word. My use of the word is usually, depending on the grade of course, followed by, “He said a bad word!” Of course, I mention that there are worse words and it really depends on usage and placement in a sentence…I am not sure the kindergartners get it. Today, it wasn’t my fault. “Mr. Huffman!!! Mr. Huffman!!! (So and So) said a bad word!!!” What did he say? “It starts with a “K” and means poop!” I looked at the culprit. He shrugged. I looked at the tattler, I said, “Well, it depends on usage. …and besides, it’s spelled with a ‘C’.”

I don’t really know what we are doing this weekend…we will probably work on the house. But, who knows, maybe we will take the dogs for a ride. Let them run free. They enjoy that kind of stuff.

Below is a picture of me sitting in a "Dollar Nineteen" or the C-119. This particular 119 is at the Castle AFB Museum. The 119 was also described as 400,000 rivets flying in loose formation. This picture is about 4 years old...give or take about three days. I have posted on my other site, for those of you interested in local crashes. The latest is on a B-24D that crashed near Spokane. You can find it here.

Oh, and not that I am counting, but this is my 100th post!!!!

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Cora said...

Well Crap, I mean Krap, I guess I should comment. You are a cool teacher don't let any 4th graders tell you otherwise.