Sunday, May 4, 2008

Words Not Often Uttered

“Toby, where is your lobster?” This was Cora speaking to our loveable(?) jack russell. Of course, we do have a recovering reef tank, but this is not about our reef tank, nor any invertebrates inside. NO. We bought Toby a lobster toy…stuffed, with little ropes. We gave it to him yesterday and he did his regular pace and drag. Carrying the lobster around in his mouth while wandering aimlessly to find a place where Gypsy would not find it…as if Gypsy had any kind of interest. Well, it disappeared for awhile. Then it reappeared. It began as a red and white toy. The net time we saw it, however, it was brown. He had apparently buried it then had second thoughts. Cora screamed and then noted that the brown had spread to his blanket and bed… She washed everything. He proceeded to be a little git the rest of the evening, since he could NOT lie in his bed without his blanket or his toy. He is a pathetic dog.

He would jump up on Cora’s chair and lap. He would not be happy. Yet, he does obtain some interesting positions. Here is proof of the cuteness of his bottom…No, I don't run around taking pictures of dog butts...just this one.


Cora said...

It is a good thing he is cute!!

grandma said...

I think he is trying to cross his back legs for good luck.