Monday, May 12, 2008

Dying to see the Vet

Cora is dying…or that is what she is trying to convince me of. She keeps hacking and coughing, grabbing her heart, rolling her eyes upward in a most dramatic way and falling over on her side. Only, she realizes I did not see it and repeats the process...ok, that's a lie. She still has my cold. I knew I had put it somewhere. I did not expect her to just pick it up and steal it like that. Then again, maybe I should not have just leave it lying around. I still have some of it. I am not experiencing it during the day like she does. I will give her some more meds a little later and some Airborne. Should help get her on the road to betterness.

I have to take Gypsy to the vet tomorrow…no, I am not having her put to sleep…though, that would prevent her from escaping the backyard…maybe just have her freeze dried? I doubt Cora will go for it, though. I guess I had better just have the vet give Gypsy her booster shots instead. On the bright side, we can have Petco give her a grooming, finally. (They prefer to have recent shots and records for said shots. She is still good, just I plan to pick up the records then, too.) We don’t enjoy giving her baths. It is mainly because she is part golden retriever…her coat repels water…and soap. Her coat, on the other hand, seems to absorb dirt. She has a big heart and those giant warm brown eyes…those are her only redeeming features…although the fact that she enjoys being petted by your feet…a nice thing during the winter. Also, she does not like human water. By this I mean anything we supply. If it is dirty, algae ridden, bacterially loaded, septic, and sewage-like water, she will be the first one to go for a swim. Provide her a fresh, clean kiddy pool full of cool water in the high heat of summer and she will turn her nose up to it, if not spend all her time on the opposite end of the yard from it…might get wet. Same goes for hoses, bath tubs, half-empty water bottle, sprinklers, and showers.

I began my reapplication process for school tonight. Cost fifty bucks. School is simply a set of hoops. On the other hand, a master’s degree like I am attempting only requires me to read roughly 50 books (read fifty hoops) and take an 8 hour written test (read 8 more hoops) and a 4 hour oral test (read 12 hoops: there will be at least 3 examining profs) concerning the books I read(or might have attempted to read). [in this context the hoops are suspended about 4 meters above the ground with no visible means of support, nor any safety nets]

I am going to buy my metal detector tomorrow. I have been putting money away the last few months. I am going to buy a White’s Prizm II, which is the bottom of their line, but seems to be better than most. On top of that, it means my stimulus money [in this case saved] will have gone to a U.S. company. From Oregon, actually. That’s me, economic stimulator…Ooooh, that sounds dirty. I can’t wait to bring all those treasures back to my beloved wife. Of course, given her past, she is unlikely to be able to distinguish treasure from junk…she says the things I have, such as my aircraft instruments, are junk. I don’t think she is a particularly good judge of value. Still, it’d be for her, right?

Well, Bones is on…and I think House will be on soon, too. I had best get going.


Cora said...

I hate being sick. Glad you are going to get a metal detector even though it might take you away from me once in a while.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

How dare you get her sick...
WOW.. a metal detector...
THat will be fun..
Have a Great Week..