Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lonely, I'm So Lonely, Don't have Nobody...

Still wifeless. Still listless and lazy, I did have the energy to make dinner again tonight. More of the same. That's a picture of Cora under a CH-54 Tarhe (AKA Skyhook)

I pulled off my half and half act today without a hitch. I also got complimented. One of the IAs or Para-pros said it is sometimes more calm when I am there than when the regular teacher is there…I suspect that was just being nice, but it nevertheless made me feel good. I always get a pretty good welcome from the kids, too. Plenty of exuberance. Sometimes some cooperation, too.

Tomorrow? Don’t know yet, maybe subbing, maybe maintenance. I like both. Mowing was a nice change of pace the other day. Out in the sun there is no mental challenge except whether or not to turn early or not.

Not like I drive a B-52 or something...(See below) Looks BUFF, right? (BUFF=Big Ugly Fat Fellow)

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Cora said...

I love that first picture. I was so happy to find a bench under that heliocopter