Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Many Wheels On A Mower?

I worked maintenance today. I enjoyed a nice coffee break and then headed out to mow a lawn. The weather was cool, but not overly so. I opted to leave my jacket in the truck. I filled the fuel tank. Last time I nearly ran out of fuel. Not gonna happen again. The lawn is a few miles away from the shop. I got about three blocks down and decided I wished I had my jacket, but decided I could tough it out. When I got there, I figured on running into and away from the wind. On the way from the wind I was warm, on the way into the wind, I froze assorted parts of my body off.

I was making a right angle turn by turning away and coming around 270 degrees…it makes a nice square corner rather than a rounded one…ok, small things keep my mind busy. I began yet another turn. All of a sudden the mower made a noise…like I had ht something. I looked over my shoulder…my left shoulder. I don’t know why, just seemed the thing to do. When I looked back I noticed something. There was a lawn mower wheel in the lawn. I thought, “that’s odd.” Then realized!! CRAPPPPP!!!!!!!! I stopped immediately. Indeed, the mower had lost a wheel. I called for help. I then went inside the school and had lunch…turkey gravy and potatoes…I offered to pay, but, given my situation, they gave it to me for free.

We finally replaced the old wheel…which was cracked badly. There were a couple lug blots missing, and two totally broken off. And the wheel turned a little oddly. It seemed to work though, and I promised to return carefully. I finished the lawn and headed for the barn. I took it slow like I had said. I was within a quarter mile of the shop when the mower began to shimmy…as though the road had a washboard. It had just been graded. I looked over my shoulders, but could only see parts of the wheels. I stopped. I got off and the replacement tire was completely flat. We aired it up and I limped it into the shop. We took the wheel off and laid it on the ground, where the tire released a giant rush of air that sounded significantly like a sigh. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, I asked if they had any other lawn mowers they wanted me to break.

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grandma said...

That was awful.
This is the section that my picture does not show. It did at one time, but not any more.