Saturday, May 10, 2008

No Big Planes...err, Plans

No big plans yet today. We did get our “stimulus” check. So, spend or save? Or just use it on gas? We need a lawn mower, but after the last time, I will not go for anything expensive. I’d like a metal detector (to detect all those wrecked airplanes I have been wanting to check out) and I think we were considering one of those Aquapods or some sort of fish tank. There were a few other things we been needing. Who knows?

IN the mean time, here are a few pics I altered the other night.


Cora said...

I want to go shopping but I know we should save it or use it on something we need like a lawnmower or the shed siding. It would be so much fun to get a new tank or a Wii.

grandma said...

You have a great collection of plane pictures, and that's the plane truth.