Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raccoon Bottoms

Oh, CORA’S BACK!!! I know it’s belated, but, she got home last night. I was happy to see her and even happier when she showed me the gage in the car: 39.6 mpg. That is from here to Portland and back on less than a tank of gas! She has plenty for the rest of the week. With gas prices right now, a gallon might cost $4.00 by then. I AM happy that she is back, ecstatic even, just floored by the wonderful gas mileage.

I worked maintenance again. I did a bunch of trimming, so much that my pants and shirt had a strange green fur-like appearance on one side. Cora complimented me on my Negative Raccoon look. So, my sunglasses left a pattern and I got a tan, sue me. She originally called it a Reverse Raccoon…but that sounded to me like she was comparing me with the South end of a North bound Raccoon. I don’t exactly know what a raccoon butt looks like, but I am almost positive that comparing me with one is not a compliment. Cora has a cutting sense of humor and a sharp wit, so I sometimes am a bit suspicious of her comparisons of me to Raccoon Bottoms.

Tonight it was spaghetti for dinner…I did not have enough veggies for the Yakisoba mix we bought at Costco. I used copious amounts of cheese, so it was good. Cheese and Bacon should have their own food groups, in my humble opinion. We are having BBQ pork as a snack…complete with hot mustard sesame seeds. My eyes are not dry. Only because it’s SOOOOO hot.

I have no idea what we are doing this weekend…probably working on the house. We have two rooms to make ready for our eventual little one. Not that there is a huge rush, but we have been trying for the past few weeks and it continues to be a battle…what do we store, what do we throw away? Not that junk I saved from high school! And not that junk I saved just in case I ever get around to selling something on e-bay…go figure. We must soldier on!

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Cora said...

And don't forget the junk you save just because it is junk. And I could call you a horse's butt would that be better. Raccoon Face.
love ya