Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot Friday Movie Beer

Have you ever noticed that Friday is a day when moods shift? How people often have an extra skip in their step? How smiles appear more readily on their faces? The same thing happens in an elementary, as it happens. Even the kids seem a bit more perky…which is disturbing, given the fact that I had to attempt to teach them. It turned out alright, though.

The heat here was a wonderful oppressive weight that sat on your chest as soon as you walked outside and tried to stop your breathing. No, it wasn’t like that. Well, it was a little like that. The heat was palpable the moment you stepped outside. A bit od during this time of year.

Cora got home and we went to town to pick up a few Necessities. Also, dinner. Red Robin burgers and back home to eat. We also got a couple movies to watch tonight. 28 Dresses and Mr. McGorian’s Wonder Emporium…both Cora’s choices. So far, 28 Dresses is not such a horrid movie that I cannot watch.

Bud Light. It is a nice addition to a hot day. Time for another.
Dinner out. Here is a picture of Cora and I at the Bubba Gump's in San Francisco...which has been...what, four years? Five maybe? Doesn't Cora look SO pretty?

1 comment:

Cora said...

It's 27 Dresses!! Not 28 you are such a BOY.
Not a bad movie for a chick flick.