Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foot and Mouth

Well, my foot still hurts like a mother sore tooth stubbed toe…bad, painful, bleeding, bruised, hurt thing. I wore my boots today and avoided sharp objects. I opted to work maintenance again. I chose to work maint. because I had a dentist appointment. I could get away earlier with fewer problems.

My dentist appointment was to give me a couple temporary crowns until they can build me a bridge between the two crowns. It felt like he might have been building a real bridge in there this afternoon.

The dental assistant was a clown though. She told the doctor that I had been chewing ice and that was why my tooth had fallen out yesterday…my mouth, at the time, was full of dental instruments. I guess the look in my eyes was priceless when he said, “You were what?” Turns out we are the same age, and went to different schools together.

Well, I need to figure out something to keep my foot from hurting…it has a large bruise…apparently that post was sharp enough to go through my shoe and skin, but dull enough to rip and tear my flesh in a very bruising way. I don’t think it is infected…yet. Maybe I should stop walking barefoot in the back yard…

this picture shows how pleased I feel about visiting the dentist...

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Cora said...

Oh poor baby! I feel so bad for you.