Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Friday...Again

Seems like Fridays come pretty darned fast around, why dya reckon we ain't got Little Miss here, yet? Oh, well. I guess I have been watching a bit too much "Firefly," it's a showin' in my language...too bad I can't rattle off a bit of Mandarin once in awhile, like the characters on the show. Alas, if you don't know what I am talking about, please have a look at hulu and watch an episode or two.

I taught SPED today...or rather, I learned some about usual. It was a good day. The ladies who work there are the best. They keep me out of trouble, and help me with the kids. I don't honestly know how I'd make it trough the day without those blessed ladies! I leared something about wheelchairs and wheelchair fittings, too, but that is really something best left to the experts.

Cora took the day off and apparently had a great day, have a look here. She mde dinner and I enjoyed a healthy round of seconds...she made her special Rachel Ray Pork Chops...Oh, they were SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!

The remainder of the evening has been spent watching hulu..Cora has been attempting to catch up to me in the Firefly series...she likes it, too...We might buy the DVD. It's seriously THAT good.

Well, the weekend promises to be lazy...if you can call cleaning at a liesurely pace lazy...alas, it never ends. Well, HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Oh, and why the hell is blogger messing with my spaces? This morning it would not put a space between my paragraphs for a million dollars, this evening it puts in EXTRAS!!! Curse you BLOGGER!!


Cora said...

Great Friday!! I just wish all my day were as wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I must be a long way in the past, having never heard of "Hulu" OR "Firefly". Why do Dad's seem to be the last ones in the loop?

Perhaps I'll have to limber up my 3G Iphone and go research these two subjects.

My only regret is that my daughter-in-law failed to consider
that her son's parents had never sampled
her special porkchops. Oh well, such is life!
Sounds like you had a good weekend.

I hope your upcoming week is better than last.