Sunday, June 15, 2008

So, You Want To Be On My Blog?(updated)

This blog was originally titled "Bo Re Gard, He Was A Good Dog," but I wandered upon this a picture of Carrie, my sister. Last week, I posted a picture of my brother-in-law (her husband) because he made a face in front of my camera. This week, my sister, armed with that knowledge and fully cognizant of my blogging tendancies, made this lovely face. I think she is putting on display, for the world to see, her innate seriousness and maturity. Love ya, Sister C! And I would have kept it, but it was not as flattering as it could have been. Instead, I submit this photo, entitled "Siblings." It had to be about 1984 or 1985.

So, Cora and I worked on the house yesterday. Then we went to town to get some chips and went down to the Father’s Day bash my sister was throwing. It was fun. Dinner was great, even if she looked at me with pleading eyes and motioned toward the barbeque…I am just glad the burgers turned out like they did, since the first few tried to fall apart! The rest of dinner was great! There was a potato salad, baked beans, another salad or two and plenty of chips. Coupled with family, it made for a good dinner.

Here is a shot of Cora and I...kind of a fun picture.

Then my sister, in her devious ways, concocted a game we could all play. The point was to guess who said what. She would ask a question, then we would all answer on our sheet of paper. Then we would all hand them back to her, where she would ask one person to guess who said which answer. It was really kind of fun. The last question, since she asked me to help, was chosen by me. If you could chose a different name, what would it be? The responses were funny, but the best were “Lee Roy,” “Bo Re Gard, he was a good dog,” "Francoise Prelitea," and then mine, of course, was a bit long: “Sir Reginald Wilson Spencer, Earl of London.” (Sounded like a fun to me) It took a while for everyone to warm up to the game, but it was really fun. What would you like to talk to a large audience about? “Nuclear Physics,” “Squirrel Taxidermy,” and “Coin Collecting.” If you can’t guess that mine was Squirrel Taxidermy, then you don’t get a prize.

Here are two of the Fathers on display.

My sister and the kids made me a Father's Day card, since, officially, we are expecting...aren't they sweet?

Here you can see my Dad attempting to entertain a four year old.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Day..
Have a Great Father's Day...

Grandma said...

Does everybody in your world have red hair? And why is that?

Cora said...

First Gramma, Yes pretty much everyone has red hair don't you remember the wedding, LOL.
Jim, don't be surprised if you sister never speaks to you again after that post, I warned you.
Happy Fathers Day, My Love may this be your last with out being a father, miracles do happen.

Sister of Jim said...

thank you thank you thank you for showing mercy on your sister.

Grandma said...

That was a cute picture. I like those candid shots. It showed her funny side.