Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wiid Whacker

I was the Weed Whacker today. I worked maintenance and after our exquisite coffee break, I headed off to whack weeds. I whacked weeds at, you guessed it, the elementary. About mid day, Cora needed me to take her something at work, so I did during my lunch. I also took her a coffee, which perked her up (Get it? Coffee perked.). I then went back and finished my job.

When I got home I started the BBQ and took out a couple chicken breasts. Cora got home and wanted to know if I wanted to go into town and help her buy a new Wii game. What the hell, I love spending money. I cooked the breasts…I smoked them with Mesquite…but you know what, I really prefer the taste of hickory smoke. Then we went to town to buy a Wii game and some salad for dinner. When we got to town we ended up buying two Wii games. Indiana Jones, Legos edition and Boom Blox. I also got some Pepsi…I was out.

We came back and Cora began to play her game while I cut the chicken into chunks and chopped salad makings (carrots, cucmber, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese). Tasted pretty good.

Tomorrow? I will have more weed whacking to do if I go to maintenance. Otherwise I ill be teaching…come on you teachers! One of you get sick!!

When we were in California we decided to visit Yosemite National Park. It lloked like a 3 hour drive. The map I used, however, failed to show all the switch backs...which made the trip to Yosemite right at 5 hours. It as worth it, even with the accidental hitch hikers. I took this shot and tried to make it a little Ansel Adamsy. What do you think?

What ARE accidental hitch hikers? Well, we were driving along the road looking at the scenery when I saw a woman and her son come out from a path. I thought they wanted to crossed the road, so I stopped. Much to my dismay they began walking toward the car. They were unarmed, so I started to roll down my window. About this time, Cora says to me: "You realize you are giving them a ride, right?" I stammered that not I was not aware of that particular aspect of this stop. Apparently they were hitching a ride back to camp and I had ever so graciously acceded to their wish. Turns out they were German tourists, the father was doing some climbing or something and the mom and son were out for a hike. They climbed in and off we went. The son, who looked to be about 6 or 7 did not speak English, but his mother did. It turned out to be a nice little detour, but accidental, nonetheless.

Cora continues to play her game, I fear i shall not see her until she has finished it.


Cora said...

I think as hitch hikers go, German tourists, that consist of a young woman and her 6 year old child were the safest way to go. At least they did not have an axe.

Jimh. said...

Yeah, but they didn't have Budweiser, either... :-(

grandma said...

Now that was a sad commentary on the world as we now know it. Quote "they were unarmed so I rolled down my window". But it's the truth. When we see a stranger approaching we first look for a gun or an axe. And it doesn't really matter if it's a woman or child.
It's the truth and they seldom come bearing Budweiser.

Jimh. said...

Grandma, I was joking about the 'unarmed' part, they were not threatening in any way and we were in the National Park. They just wanted a ride back to camp, they weren't stranded. Plus, the axe and the budweiser were reference to one of my favorite budweiser commercials! It was actually funny and we enjoyed the meeting.

Jimh. said...

Cora tells the story better...maybe she will post on it!

grandma said...

I knew you were joking, but it has a shade of reality in it. You know how kids shoot up schools and such.