Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

To say our dogs are spoiled would be to understate their predicament. They have nice meals, always ready for them. They get people food. They get to go for rides, walks, and runs. They also get to jump up on the bed. Gypsy does not usually like to get up on things, but she seems to make an exception for the bed. She will do it every now nd then, especially for Cora. You can see from these pictures she is grinning from ear to ear at her own daring.

Gypsy thinks this is being spoiled. Toby is also spoiled, just in a different way.

He gets locked outside in the mornings, while, due to Gypsy's escapist ways, she gets locked in. He has been very good about going to the laundry room for me to lock the door behind him. She has been good about staying in. I decided to reward them. ( Toby likes water bottles. It's my fault. I used to stick treats in them and he would struggle to get them out. It was always funny to see him think through the problem. Now he has no problem with chewing the lid off, then using his nose to tip out the treat.) So I got some bones down and gave each two. One of Toby's, however, was in a bottle, which he gingerly took from me and went off to his bed.

He likes to save things like this for when we get home. Apparently he does not like to open gifts alone. Today was no different. I got home and Cora was lying on the bed (clothed) and I laid down next to her (also clothed) and we were discussing the day and Toby jumped up between us. He had a water bottle in his mouth. He proceeded to try to get our attention by chewing on his bottle between us.

This morning, he took the football toy he stole from Missy (Sister-in-law's dog) and was playing fetch. On the last throw I fowled it and it ended up in the toilet (you kinda have to envision the bathroom in the hallway and my chair somewhat opposite of it, yet within throwing range). Cora would not let me just give it back to him (it was clean, if only somewhat moist) so I threw it in the wash. He was upset about it the rest of the day. He just got it back a couple hours ago, and he was tickled. It reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes (Cartoon Character), when Hobbes gets thrown in the wash. we have the funniest pet!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

LOVE the video...
They are both sooo cute...
Have a Great evening..
I have been thinking of you two..

Grandma said...

Toby is smarter than the average bear. He unscrewed the top off of that bottle. How many bears would know how to do that?