Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Relaxation

Today I began the day by disassembling one of the many wireless mice that have died. I wanted the LED light. I plan on making a security camera. I am pretty handy, and think it would prevent another release of the Tobster. Then we checked on the In-Law’s kitten and worked around the house. I worked on cleaning the back room…thought I would make more progress…no dice. Cora did laundry and posted.

I then took up residence in my chair and began the final pages of the hieroglyphic dictionary for the day care kids. They will need that to decode the clues to the treasure. I am also thinking about some of the clues leading to little projects…like making Egyptian bracelets…(Cora’s suggestion, and I like it). I then took those pages and burnt them around the edges. Some of them have facets of the story on them, too…though, they are not entirely necessary to the game (the story facets).

Cora made lunch (BBQ Chicken) and I made dinner (Spaghetti). It has been a nice day…wish there was another coming. Instead, I have to make sure I can get that class tomorrow…I may resort to having the professor sign me up. I have done it before. Wish me luck.

I may end up on the tractor again…that would be nice. Maybe I could figure out how to finesse that sucker…whatever, I usually have fun.

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Cora said...

It was a good day and although the pogress on the room is slow it is happening. We will get there.