Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adequate Goofball Exposure

So, apparently, kids are not exposed to dorky men. As a statement, I suppose I would support that and agree that they should not be. On the other hand, there are some who think exposing kids to a goofball is a good thing. I suppose it depends on the goof ball. One of the teachers I worked with today threatened me with bodily harm if I don’t pursue an elementary certification. She said it is good for them to be exposed to men who can be a little silly (I am saying a little silly because that is what SHE said, I know many of you are probably rolling your eyes…I know I am very silly, so don’t over exert your poor eyeballs). Something about the right kind of male influence, I know, she might be a little off the mark. I do enjoy teaching at the elementary, though.

We were doing a “Hand Jive” in music today. I was dancing along, innocently, to the music, and the kids kept erupting in giggles. I had my erstwhile cohort there, too. She does a half-day of music in the afternoon. The past few times we have had our classes together. She was dancing along with the song just a silly as I was, but the kids were paying more attention to me…somewhat to my displeasure, since I was not aware of all the right hand movements and had trouble hearing the claps on the CD to clap along. Of course, I did “bobble” my head from side to side in the “Oh, NO YOU DIDN’T” fashion that is sometimes seen in inner city women on TV. I did this in time to the music. I have done this in the past and apparently it is quite the hit among elementary kids. A few girls have called me “Mr. Bobble Head” in the hallways. I take that as a price of fame.

So, Cora is fishing on her Wii. She keeps pulling up two dimensional fish. It’s one of the games on that $10 game…which was well worth the $10 for the enjoyment we have gotten from it. I want to buy Far Cry…a shoot’em up. Cora prefers Legos…yes, legos. She sometimes plays a Legos Star Wars game that she likes. We will have to buy it, I suppose.


grandma said...

If only everybody could enjoy their jobs as much as you do, it would be a better world.

Fishing on the Wii. Well, at least you don't have to bait the hook. You can't have a big fish fry.

Cora said...

You'll be happy to know my eyeballs are not over exerted. Next time you tell them if they pay for your cert you will be happy to get it. I think Legos might be in my near future, He he