Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going Green and Shrinking my Carbon Footprint

So, we have recently attempted to be more green. I don’t know why exactly. It has been easier, mostly. We are in a place where a few dollars from recycling cans does not matter…we through them away to begin with (Lazy, I know), but it just seems like less work. Cora decided she wants to attempt a mulch maker (its early and the appropriate name escapes me). So, we are putting vegetable scraps out in a fency thingy.

We bought the Hybrid Camry (Wow, still can’t believe how fast it will go if you let it), and I am glad, since I think it has saved us considerably on gas…the three weeks between fill ups sure has. Me working only in Moxee helps with my truck…it has been known to get 31mpg…but you have to drive it right. That is the problem. I think most cars could get better mileage if we could just drive differently. The Camry can get up to 42 mpg IF you drive it right. It is difficult to do so and at some times you just can’t; if there is a lot of stop and start rushing traffic, or if you are going up hill. It loves the down hill and coasting…and so do I because I get to see the realtime mileage indicator go to 60mpg!

Gas prices are such that everyone has had to make changes. We probably would have gone to Seattle for a day trip a few times by now, but due to gas prices and the need to clean certain rooms for certain up coming children, no matter how far away they seem, we just have not. I like driving. I love seeing new things, different people, and other locales, but gas prices have made us less willing to just throw our hands up in the air and say let’s go for a drive. It is our own faults, though. We have bought the huge numbers of SUVs. Look at how many are for sale. Note that Dodge does not offer the $2.99 deal on economical vehicles. We are going to come to a breaking point in the near future.


Cora said...

We should all do what we can, every little bit helps. I love my car though with or with out the gas mileage.
Nice use of the buzz words,by the way.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

My Honda van gets pretty good gas mileage.. but when I fill it ~with 80.00 worth of gas.. it still gets me..
Have a Great Day selling..
I will be thinking of you at 3...

Anonymous said...

Our mini van gets 22 mpg in town and 25-27 mpg on the road. Not bad for a truck. It runs and keeps me cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What more could I ask for? Dad and I haven't done much.
Just got done talking with you on the phone. What great joy we are feeling right now. Thank you for calling us. We love you, two, and are looking forward to visiting with you soon. Love mom