Sunday, June 22, 2008

And For Afters? Artichokes!

Woke up this morning, feeling fine, there was something special in my hand…Cora brought me coffee in BED!!! I must have the best wife ever!! She had gotten up a few minutes before, which I was only mildly aware of. We went out to the living room and watched Mythbusters for a little while.

We then got dressed and began working on the yard sale stuff. Then I worked on the room…err, the ROOM…ummm, THE room. It is not great yet, and I was hoping for more.

We needed to go to town and did. First we went to the fabric stores…I found a perfect material that will make a great quilt square for Isabella…it says “Jim.” All over it…well, not my name, but its pattern looks like something I would use for curtains…and bed cover, and sheets, tables cloths, and shirts, and shorts, and boxers…that is, if I were more given to working with fabric. Fortunately, for me, Cora works with fabric quite well. I am going to have to go back and find some more of this fabric and have Cora start with making me shirts and shorts!! For the sake of the surprise, I will not reveal what exactly the pattern looks like, but it should fairly fly out at her when Kim looks at it!

When we got back, we realized the front room looked a little like a Hooverville, minus the hobos and tar paper (Kylee, a Hooverville was a shantytown, basically inhabited by homeless people during the depression). We then spent the following hour-and-a-half cleaning up, then Cora paid the bills and I laid tried to lay low and make dinner. Neither of us likes paying bills, but when Cora pays them we end the month with more of them paid than when I do it. There are things I am pretty good at and the there is bill paying. Cora has the touch, despite what she might think. I made dinner, like I said. We had hickory barbequed chicken breasts, peas, and for afters (I like the British term for desert) we had Artichokes!

Artichokes. I have had them a total of three times in my life. Each time they have been boiled and then dipped in buttery and lemony liquid goodness. The trick with artichokes is to use your teeth to scrape off the tender part. I don’t think the calories come from the artichoke, but the butter. It was yummy, though.
I have had watermelon more often...and Toby likes watermelons...don't believe me? Look at this!

I think I may have killed my palm tree. I repotted it, but neglected to shade it immediately…damn it. I DO have a new plant though. I planted some Banana seeds about the same time I built that potting bench. Well, even though it says they will sprout in one to six months, one sprouted in about three weeks! It is now about 2 inches tall and growing VERY fast. Oh, and those “Palms” I raised from seed? I finally figured out that they were all planted in a pot that had held calla lilies. Apparently calla lilies are a bulb plant…I did not realize that…guess what…they are back. Soon I should have a calla lily flower and I will take a picture of it! Here is a canned photo.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Okay... I am guessing that the fabric has planes on it.. But I know I will have to wait and see... And I am glad you can teach KyLee on your blog as well.. She left a comment on my blog "her words are complements of you"...
Okay. I have never had artichokes.. and I want to try them.. glad you had them.. I am going to see if I can make stuffed ones...LOL. we will see..
Have a Great Day tomorrow.. HOpe the box gets there for Little Miss..

Cora said...

Love you, I hate paying the bills but it feel so much better once they are done, I also feel broke but hey it is an accomplishment. I loved dinner the artichokes were good although a lot of work.
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

ARTACCHoKES!!!! dont sound that scrumpsios but whos knows?!??!?!

Yes A HOOVERVILLE named after a prestident i belief who was hoover cause they blamed it on him
( mite be a governer cant memeber!!)

Grandma said...

Hoover was the president the year I was born. I was born in 1928. It probably was the beginning of his term. I can't remember everything. After all I was only an infant.