Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wii Partied

“Left shoulder, Right?” Those were the words that came from Cora’s lips this morning. She had just spilled the salt. As I looked up her hand had already thrown it…the only thing left to do was laugh.

We went to town and I got a hair cut and she got a shirt. Then we got her grandma and we headed for Eburg. We got to Cora’s sister and celebrated her cousin’s graduation. She is now a certified teacher and looks forward to her lot in the elementary world. She thinks she will get a job before me. (Laura, just between you and me, you probably will)

We had a great time. My brother-in-law and I helped Cora parents fill their truck with firewood from the last son-in-law. It was hard, but we managed it.

Then we came back. Cora and her sister Emily came back. We ended up having some pretty good Carne Asada and we played Wii. This time my father-in-law finally got a chance to play his own game. It was a fun night.

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