Friday, June 6, 2008

Teaching the Wii Ones!

So, given yesterday’s weed whacking and its potential for more, I was happy when, at about midnight, I saw a sub job up. It was for Kindergarten. So, to day I subbed for kinders and enjoyed it. I have subbed in this class before and they know me, so it is pretty comfortable. I had fun. We walked down to the post office to mail some thank you notes. That was interesting…20 kids and two adults.

I probably annoyed my boss in Maintenance, I was supposed to weed whack at another school today, but it looks as though the person who usually takes care of those schools may have to do it. Or it will have to wait until I am done subbing…pity, too, I was so looking forward to it.

Tonight has been spent playing Wii. Boom Blox is strangely adicting. Soon, off to bed, but Dr. Who first.

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