Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Graduation!

Today, we have a graduation party to attend in Eburg. Congrats Laura! Here are some ways to reuse your graduation cap! I hope you have enjoyed your student teaching. Now the fun begins! There’s no one in there to help you now! It’s just you and 20 or 30 kids who want to eat the teacher! LOL! We are taking Grandma up…I have some potato salad for her, I am hoping she will find it acceptable. On the Brightside, if she does not, maybe she will write about it on her BLOG! :)

Then tomorrow my sister is having an open house at her new place. It is a nice little house on a nicely sized lot. She found a snake the other day and called to offer it to me. Was very close to saying yes, when Cora said, “Absolutely not, we don’t need ANOTHER pet.” Ahhh, she always takes the fun out of things. So, Carrie and Scott kept the snake, a small bull snake, sounded like a type A, so probably for the better.[1] Their house is on a large lot and I think the kids enjoy having such a large area to explore.

We played Wii until late, but we are up and drinking our coffee. It is a vital part of our day. Without coffee, the world as we know it might cease to function. So, here’s to you! South American people who pick and process those wonderful little berries and beans! I say South American, because Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Javan coffees never seem to taste as good as good old Columbian beans. Of course, it is a matter of taste!

I will likely post again tonight, so my great big readership…all three of you,…will be able to keep up via the internet with my busy, busy life!

[1] Type A is a reference to my theory of Gopher Snakes. There are Type A and Type B Gopher Snakes (Also known as Bull Snakes ). The Type B Gopher Snake, when approached in the wild will react very peacefully, while a Type A Gopher Snake will attempt to murder you in any way possible. Never mind that the Gopher Snake is non-poisonous, he will attempt to cause you bodily harm!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

No snakes here... That is a huge snake... Sounds like you will be having fun today..
Glad you had fun playing the Wii...
Can't wait for pictures..

Sister of Jim said...

Yes it did try to bite me multiple times and made an awful racket too with all of its hissing and goings on as it chased me around the van a few times, but at last I pinned it down with a stick and masterfully squeezed the circulation out of its head as we
determined for sure it wasn't a small rattler (it was missing a couple of inched on its tail-- people do weird things like chop off just the rattle and then throw them into the bushes, so I wanted a positive identification on it before I panicked). At last my .5% wavering on its identity was dispelled and I introduced Prince Albert to the kids. By this time he was trying to get even by cutting off the circulation on my fingers so he could eat them later but I put him down so Scott could practice catching a snake properly.
He did wonderful even though it wasn't nearly as fun now that he was sedate (the snake). After discovering that my snake loving brother did not want him we wondered what to do with him. Kill him? Hmm even though I don't like snakes I don't see the point in a cold blooded murder either -hahaha.
So the next day I relocated him a few miles away. And it seemed to me that he turned and looked at me with a haughty prideful look about him. I like snakes a might better than spiders cause they're not as sneaky or prevalent in the house. Speaking of which Emma just came running in from the bathroom crying. What is it I asked-- a spider's on me she replied I ask where and low and behold a small wolf spider is sitting on her shoulder at her neck-- I quickly pounce and kill it. Wow! She was a might more reserved then I would have been. I would have been clawing at myself screaming-- no she stood still and explained her plight with a small whimpers-- what a girl!