Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ain't Nothing Like a REAL Car.

New cars are nice, but nothing exudes petroleum fumes like a car from the 1950s. Cora and I went to town and could not understand why there were so many people down town. We went in for dinner, since we were both tired--

We did a lot of work today. We cleaned out the kid’s room and worked on the computer room…you know, the one we have been working on a bit here and there for over a month. We have made some major headway. We took the full sized bed out and put that in the shed (Cora almost busted a gut when I told her I would take it around on TOP of the truck, I think KNOW she has pictures, check her site) and we are going to move the freezer from Little Miss’s room.

--We got dinner at Ki Ki’s Restaurant. She and, I am guessing, her husband were standing watching the huge numbers of cars on the main drag. I asked, stupidly, “what’s going on out there?” The cook…her husband? Looked at me and said, “Cah Sho.” I thought, maybe I should learn Chinese. I repeated what he said. She piped up and said, “Car Show.” Recognition dawned on me. We had a nice laugh, I paid for dinner, complimented their food, which, is ALWAYS good. Then I left.

We saw several nice old cars and then there were the Chrysler PT Cruisers…have you noticed that wannabe piston-heads own those? Most PT owners are middle-aged and have more money than sense and more age than style (Sorry, PT lovers, but you gotta know it’s true).
The REAL cars stole the show, though. There was a 56 Cadillac cruising around and I am pretty sure a ’46 Cadillac, which was parked. There were a few ’57 Bel Airs and they were all nice to look at. I just can’t imagine their fuel bills. It’d be fun, though, huh?

Happy Saturday to all!!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

The first car is really nice...
I like looking at old cars also...
Glad you made it around with the mattress...
Great job..
Have a Great Sunday..

Cora said...

They were cool. I really like the caddy we saw.