Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Hard Thinking Face

I was going through the pictures in the camera and came up with this one from Sunday. My brother-in-law...Sisters husband...thought he should make a face when I aimed the camera at him...silly boy...he should have known a face like that belonged on my BLOG! Looks like he is thinking hard, though, doesn't it? "Scott, what is the square root of an inverse bilateral retrification bilineated by the reverse lateral of a spectral prime ocillation?" or maybe it was, "Scott, what would you do with your time if you did not have kids?" We enjoyed our time down there and had t leave way too soon. Thanks for a fun time!
Well, today I ate three donuts and watched a couple videos for work. One was on blood borne pathogens that must have been made in the 1980s and one on Asbestos from roughly the same era (the movies, not the donuts).

Then I was going to do more weed whacking. I am telling you it looks like all I will do all summer…it’s a bit monotonous. The boss drove by just then and told me and the other guy we needed to take a van and go to Selah to help load some boxes. We got there. The guy who was already there (an administrator who looked reluctant to break a sweat) suddenly began to get phone calls. Those calls kept him mysteriously busy and away from the hard labor. Yippee.

When we got back we went to the end of the year barbeque for the maintenance department. It was fun. Had a little water fight with a few kids…and adults. One of them was one of my students…a kindergartner named Skylin. She sneaked up behind me and began squirting the rear of my jeans…by now she was past her quiet ways and well into rambunctious summer kid. I threatened her with a time out the next time I subbed for her, she just laughed and told me, "Mr. Huffman, school is out!"

I got home after work and Cora showed soon after. I asked her to accompany me over to her mom’s so I could drop off the Nile Letters. She did, and we went over. One of the newer kids is a student I have taught before. He kept calling me Mr. Huffman…the rest of the daycare kids call me Jim. I told him that since it was summer and we were not in school, he could call me Jim. His expression was interesting to watch as he processed the information. A few minutes later, he asked me what he should call me in the fall...well, seemed like a logical question.

So, we had pot stickers and egg rolls for dinner…not quite enough.

Oh, see how much my Palm has grown since I posted Sunday Morning? BLOG.


Grandma said...

Mr. Huffman, is that palm a tree or just a plant? That is a serious legitimate question. Is there such a thing as a palm plant or do they all grow into trees. If I'm sounding a little senile I want you to know I'm entitled cause I'm way over the hill.

Also did you give it some miracle grow?

Sista C said...

Great picture! popped it up with the husband beside love sis