Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Treasure Hunting Kids and Tractors

The trail to the TOMB has been discovered. There are now several children hot on the trail of the lost treasure. My mother-in-law(MIL) called to make sure that Sam Samson and Bill Williams were fictional. Apparently the kids were extremely excited and went to the books and internet to look up such things as Sam Samson, Bill Williams, Egyptian treasure, and local history. Jeez, if I had known such a thing would have been SO entertaining, I would have based some of it on actual events or people…though, I probably COULD intertwine some local history…hmmm. I had expected my MIL to stretch it out to make it last, but it sounds like they got all the letters at once…oh, well.

Today, I did not help the electrician, but instead used the cool tractor! I flattened out tons of dirt. I enjoyed it, because, unlike the other tractor, it is dust-tight. I did not get dirty today! On the other tractor, when I jumped off the tractor clouds of dust came off of me. I must have looked like Pig-Pen. (for those of you unaware of Peanuts, it is a character from Charlie Brown)

Here are a few pictures from the day. The Electrician and a Groundskeeper stopped by to be sure I was using the tractor right...note: Groundskeeper is my Father-in-Law...and he is smiling.
I have videos, but my computer is not liking them...go fig.


Cora said...

Great pictures. Hope you don't spend all day tomorrow working on the treasure.

Sister of Jim said...

Hey, you kinda resemble Mel. You and Cora could be brother and sister ewwww!! Well you know you were adopted right? From moxeeish area.