Friday, June 27, 2008

Yard Sale Work!

Dr. Who is the coolest. You should really think about watching him! BBC America!

Today? Well, we worked. Then we went to town. Then we had lunch. Today we ate at Olive Garden.

We came home and we prepared for the Yard Sale. I got some tables and copies of signs. Cora worked in the house. I think we will be ready…as long as we get up EARLY IN THE MORNING!!

We counted the coins we have been saving for over a decade…$156!! Amazing!! Then we went for a walk. We left the dogs, but Sully followed and then, because he is unreliable, we carried him…it was a good day!

I only hope tomorrow is as good! Sorry I am so late in posting!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

You will have a GREAT Day today...
and TOMORROW.. is going to be the BEST Day...
Happy selling..

Cora said...

Well we got up early, perhaps too early. It was fun taking the cat for a walk. I think we are crazy, good thing most of the neighbors were in bed, LOL.

Anonymous said...

omg i tried to walk our old cat he doesnt like leashes