Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For The Record

For the record, I am fond of people who are fond of me. Just seems to be a good way to do business.

Today, I taught last year's third graders. They are...most of them...fourth graders. Actually, there were only a few I had taught with any consistency in the class I was teaching today. Still, those who had had me seemed to spread the word without my help. They said, "he is a cool sub." They also said things like, "He is funny," and a few even called me their little name for me, a hold over from music class: "Mr. Bobble Head." Seems I might have done that thing that women of color sometimes do on TV when they say, "I don't think so..." with their hand in front of your face, wiggling their finger. You know, when their head goes sideways on their neck, back and forth. I have been known to do such things in my best imitation of said women. I may have done it on more than one occasion in music class last year. Oh, well, there are worse things to be called. It was a good day..and I have actually been more assertive this year. The kids are doing what I ask and I am more certain of myself. I am also more likely to kick their little asses out to the hallway, principal, or detention if they piss me off. Sometimes it is fun being a bad ass.

Since the US Government decided they need our fingerprints...AGAIN, I needed to inform the teacher that asked me to sub for her that I might not be on time. School starts at 840am. Our appointment for the USCIS is at 8am. I think I can be back to school by sometime around 9 or 930. So they should not be without Mr. H for too long. Still, I wanted to be sure the teacher (SPED) would still want me if I were to be late.

She said she would rather work with me than have another sub...did I mention this is the teacher than had me come in for ice cream a couple weeks ago? WHILE I WAS MOWING LAWN. Yeah, she seems to be fond of me. I cannot imagine the other subs are worse than I am. All I do is interact with the kids like they are humans or something...apparently the other subs think they can hide behind the desk and call out to the parapros to do the job for them. I know the paras prefer me. Funny how a little extra work makes such a difference. She also mentioned that she had taken a full day instead of a half day because she knew I prefer to take full days. Cool, that means I will still get the full day's pay even though I am a bit late. That also means I have been doing something right if they want to work WITH me, instead of let me go.

I got another bill from the college. They only want $40 now. I managed to sweet talk them into taking most of it off since I was a loser and was not ready for my Master's test before August 15th. Now, I need to figure out if I should try to finsh my Master's this quarter or Winter. Given our luck with adoptions, no matter what I choose, we will be leaving in the midst of it and I will be out several thousand dollars for attempting and not obtaining a Master's. Figures. Besides, it is amazingly difficult to take the time and make sense out of books while you are employed and attempting to do all the things a grown up does.

Does anyone else remember Tom Selleck in Mgnum P.I.? I do and I think of it everytime I see a picture of this helicopter...

So, here is a challenge to my pathetically small number of devotees! What is the aircraft pictured below? Leave it in the comments.


Donna said...
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Donna said...

(sorry about the deletion above -- I typoed!)

Oh Geesh! I can't identify that! But the Magnum PI little chopper above it looks like the TH-55 I had my first solo flight in back in the (...cough, cough) early 80's.

Gawd, I'm old!


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