Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Day, Another Frustration

So, I know I don't write alot about the adoption. But this is really beginning to annoy. Our adoption agency sometimes seems to be feeding us bull. Direct answers are often avoided. They just don't seem to want to say, "We have nothing for you." I don't want a specific date in which we will get our dossier, but some vague notion to expect it would be nice. They told us, verbally, that we should see dossiers inside a month...that was July. I have been calling them three and four times a week. Maybe they will get the picture? Nah, I didn't think so. I won't go into the guts of the matter, but I just need to express my frustration. Cora and I both are feeling it this weekend. In a word, "Annoyed."

Today, I think we are going to work on house work. Originally we had intended to help Grandma obtain her laptop, but she said lst night that she thought she would just wait for it. Maybe I can convince Cora to visit the pet store...usully when we visit, I can convince her to buy isn't hard. AND it was her idea to get the 16 gallon bowfront.

Yesterday, I had feared our little clown goby (think "little, yellow, different) had died, but about 830pm he flitted out into the middle of the tank from some crevasse. As of now, I hve no idea where he is...the first clown goby we had (Yes, little, yellow, different) was a bit gregarious. He was owner of his domain, even though he was about an inch long. Maybe we an get a cleaner shrimp? Or a six-liine wrasse. What do you think Cora?

Also yesterday, I subbed at the HS. I subbed Biology. Easy. They were taking a test. My eighth graders are now ninth graders and seem to enjoy seeing me in the hall. They call out to me. Seems I have followed last year's 10th graders, too.

Hmmm, looking for the house cleaning faeries...or maybe they are gnomes...still have not located them. I've heard kids can do chores...hmmm...


Cora said...

Feelin your pain on the adoption. I hate having NO CONTROL over any of this. Driving me a bit nuts.
Sorry we did not get anything at the pet store but they really did not have anything super cool and the 6 line looked sick.
Maybe we can order something? but that is not my idea;0)

Grandma said...

If you run out of house to clean, come on over I have some house you can clean. at least yard work will soon be over. Winter is almost upon us.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry about the adoption "no answers" .. but BB will be here one day.. keep your chin up.. I know it is such an annoying thing.. Have a Great Weekend..