Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wasted Weekend Days

Given my ambition, I need a weekend with about five days in it for me to get around to doing what I would like to. I think a part of it is the fact that I like surfing the web. Another part is Cora's fault. Over the past year, Cora has been blogging and has gotten to know alot of people on line. I have followed some myself. Then Cora conspired to make me get my own blog. Well, I blame her and Kim for addicting me to blogger. Because of them, I have lost all ambition and will probably waste away in my chair one of these days with the laptop on my lap.

I am not saying I did absolutely nothing. Cora and I went to her Mom's and helped them put up their new fish tank. It is a nano cube. 24 gallons, cube in shape. We got them (and us) some more live rock and it looks like she will have a nice setup. Then we came home and I added some to ours. Pudge jr. appears to approve of the new rock work. It is stacked higher than we have ever had also spotlights the polyps we have had for two years. (they were on some liverock) there are four of them. They are brown (Please keep in mind these are polyps for an aquarium) and unremarkable, but they are ours! The finger coral appears to like its new spot, too.

Cora worked on a dress. It is a very cute dress. I totally think you should go to Cora's site and see...I don't have the picures on my comp. yet. I do have pictures of her while her stuff was still out in the dining room. Toby likes to be in the middle of things helping. He hinders more than anything. See?

Halloween is soon...well, when you get to this age, time seems to fly. I hve been wanting to make a borg costume...That is, I have been thinking about it in a vague sense over the past decade (want to hear my Kennedy impersonation? Try this: duh-KADE. Pretty good, huh?) and now seems a good time to mention it. Two years ago, I wore my helicopter helmet to school. I drove all the way to Ellensburg wearing it. Several cars pulled up next to me and pulled away laughing...I hope that doesn't mean they think I was crazy. Anyway, I enjoyed making use of my ebay helmet. Last year I wore my officer's hat (you know, flat on top)...the kids seemed to enjoy that at least one of their teachers could let his hair down on Halloween. Hmmm, what shall I do this year?

This is me and my, huh?

The firing center (Training Center) seems to be doing some sort of night training. We can hear (and feel) the low rumble of their artillery pieces doing their thing. Probably training up a new batch of men to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. Poor bastards. Still, they have big toys. I tried to convince Cora we should tke the truck up on the hill with the video camera to see if we could tape their firing positions...she gave me a look that indicated she thought I might have lost some marbles.

Here is a sunset from late July taken from the truck as I was driving home.

Here is a picture of the overpasses north of Phoenix...I have been meaning to post this for months, but forgot till tonight. Cool, huh?


Cora said...

Yeah, ambition should have been on the premartial exam, oh yeah we did not take one. I love the new tank arrangement, so something got done. Also that is a pic of me trying to update our homestudy, I don't think Toby wants any siblings :0).

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. I don't think that I should be part of your blaming team...
I don't make you come over and read my blog.. you willing do...
And for the picture of Toby and Cora.. LOVE IT..
Looks like someone is a little spoiled.. but you know. that is what fur-babies are for...
Hope that Cora will make you an outfit or flight suit .. but I want her to make Isabella some dresses too.. so I think the babies come first.. SORRY...
Have a Great Week..
And do something can ya.. don't sit in a chair all
I know .. read the book so you can name Little Miss and BB..

Erin said...

If I was President the work week would be 2 days with a 5 day weekend.