Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tina Fey, Delicious Dinner!

Crook Neck Squash is a nifty thing. Add a little steam and a little butter, and this vegetable becomes a sweet medley of luscious tastes and textures! Oh, the wonders of home grown vegetables. Cora made excellent dinner tonight. Included in her recipe was crook neck squash...YUMMY. She also included some cucumber with some balsamic, olive oil and sesame oil. OOOOH! Awesome.

We also rented Baby Mama! OK, I think this is a spectacular movie! If you have not seen it...GO GET IT!!!!!!! I mean it! Of course, I also like the movie "Mr. Roberts." Cora, while seeing some of the merits of this movie, does not agree with me when I say it is the world's best movie. But, she is actually splitting a may take staples, since stitches probably won't cover this kind of splittage! So, since everyone likes a good side-splitting movie, you had better go watch, I think I will watch it again, I made a pretty good argument for it. Also...uh, don't tell Cora, but,Tina Fey is HOT!! (WITH OR WITHOUT GLASSES)

We also bought a new Pudge. A clown goby, yellow in color. I have commenced calling him Pudge Junior...PJ. We also got two hermit crabs! Awesome. The only down side is he is hiding behind the heater.

Tomorrow we go to the Seahawks/49ers game! I will post pictures when we get home!


Cora said...

I will give you that Tina Fey is moderately atractive.
The movie was pretty funny.
Dinner was good even though you called the poor mans dinner.
All in all a good evening.
Can't wiat for the game tomorrow.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I will be watching that movie inthe morning.. KyLee rented it today....
Can't wait to see pictures of the game..
Sounds like an amazing dinner..
Have fun..

Erin said...
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Erin said...

oops. I had cheese pizza. You win.