Friday, September 5, 2008

Notble Notary

I got our Psych reports signed and notrized notaried witnessed. The Notary would not take money for it. She has adopted and has a very well paying job, so she does this for families for free. I was exceptionally pleased. It is done.

I got home and looked at my report...apparently he got the reports mixed up, because he said some things about me that were very nice...something about me being strongly qualified to be a parent... weird.

The rest of my day was fairly routine, though, apprently my father-in-law attempted to freeze his hand off by putting it in a stream of venting propane...A broken valve on a propane tank...Twinky even RAN! He ran over to the fire station(next door). Apparently the fire fighters got all dressed up and tried to close the valve (they "looked like astronauts."), but that did not work so they just stood around and watched it leak itself out. No harm, no foul...sorry I missed it. I was over mowing the lawn...again.

I know I might have mentioned it before, but I believe "I am a Jet Fighter Pilot." I tell Cora this from time to time, but she just laughs it off. She doesn't realize I can make a car fly...oh, well, what she doesn't know won't hurt me. This, by the way, is our old front of an F-101 interceptor of the Cold War! This was at Travis Air Museum.


Cora said...

Glad you had a good time, since you have to do it agian after he corrects the mistakes. Oh, well hopefully he won't find the mistake about all that good stuff he said about you, LOL.
Love ya

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad you great pyshic said you were qualified.. I knew it all along..
Have a Great Weekend..