Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survivor Gabon

First, I am a Survivor fan. I have been watching it since Cora turned me onto the first one. Pre-DVR. I remember Rich on his his birthday suit. Yuck.

OK, I am sure others have said it every time that there is a new Survivor, but REALLY!!?? You are told you have been selected to play on Survivor...what do these people do? They grab their suits, dresses, high heels, and apparently OVERSIZED polos and hop on a plane. If it were me...and I know it isn't...but I am going to pretend it is: I am going to throw on a pair of heavy boots, convertable khakis (Shorts/pants), and a long sleeve heavy cotton shirt with lots of pockets. I will fill those pockets with whatever I think might help make a fire and maybe some good books like: "How to build a fire," "kill a hippo," and "How to Win Survivor"...whatever strikes me as useful. Also, I might start working pays to be fit for these games. Look at this lot! Do you see the BOW TIE????

I might be a teacher, but I am not mature...I think that might be a benefit...keep 'em off their know. Also, why not make friends with the gay guy? I am straight...or am I? (That was a joke...or was it???)It's a game, you need all the friends you can get!

As a physically demanding game, it seems an intelligent crew would be rid of the eldest or most decrepit member. Also, NEVER EVER volunteer to be LEADER. And, if you DO...DON'T EVER give it up.

Well, Maintenance was nice. It wasn't harrassing the kids, but it will do. I mowed a lawn (big one) and then helped take a tractor to one of the other schools.

On the bright side of today's 17 month anniversary err, month-i-versary, we got the first packet for Burundi tonight. Cora, since she is smarter than me, is giving it a once over. It has all the forms and stuff we need to be getting on with an adoption from Burundi. I think I shall be happy! I can't wait to have a little one in this house! Well, I tink I will finish watching Survivor.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I LOVE Survivor... I am sooo bad.. didn't get to watch the first part...
I would LOVE to be on reality TV
Well I am glad you got your packet.. this is the start of something good..
Have a Great Weekend..

Grandma said...

I don't watch survivor anymore, but I liked it in the beginning and then it seemed to get more gross with making them eat sickening things. It turned my stomach and turned me off.
That is exciting you finally got some info from Burundi. Things are begining to move along. Look UP!!!

Cora said...

I am glad we love survivior together! I am always amazed by the outfits it cracks me up. you could put a belt around the waste of that polo and make a dress.
Kim, I think you on a reality show would be great! We could call it Kim's World or Where in the World is Isabella?