Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor All Day!

I got up before Cora for the simple reason that Gypsy snores and I could not kick her because I was not close enough. I used the coffee grinder that my sister gave me. It makes great coffee and it is significantly quieter than my old steel blade type. Thanks Sis!

I made Cora's coffee so it was ready when she got up. As soon as she left, I jumped up off my ass and began my day! O.K., I wrote a couple emails and had another cup of coffee. Then I got up and began working. I began by taking the garbage out. Then I cleaned up the back yard...mainly by picking up the amazing number of dog toys that seem to find their way to the yard. I may have also let the dogs have an ice cream container or two in the past few months, and failed to recover them. I am guilty of part of that mess. Then I came back in and located the External Hard Drive we got back from the manufacturer and then looked up the number for Best Buy. I went to town to take the accursed thing back. After a bit of schmoozing, she gave me the full price back. It's been about 8 months since we bought first she wanted to only give me $93.99. I ended up getting a $157.99 credit! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Then I bought some coffee for Cora and took it to her. After visiting with her for a bit, I headed back to town to buy her a pair of snips for her was on sale and today was the last day. Then back across town to Lowes. I bought a shelf for Cora's TV in her dungeon Cell hole room.

Finally I stopped to get the rototiller. It would not start for me. I have in the recent past had bad luck with small engines and my father-in-law has come by and given me the secret to that particular item each time. It is really getting annoying. Instead of doing the wide variety of things I ight have tried, I decided he might be able to tell me. His phone was not on. So, I located him and went to where he was. He told me to do what I had suspected I should do. So, I went back and got some starting fluid and it started right up...figures.

I got it home after some inconvenient wrestling got it out of the truck by myself and then put it in the back yard. After a short break, I went back out to attempt to rototill the back yard. It was dusty and dirty and the ground was VERY hard. I finally gave up and put a sprinkler on the yard to soften it up so I can hit it again tomorrow. I came in and made the shower floor muddy...for the sake of you readers who might be about to eat dinner, I will not go into how the dust became mud in my nose. I won't reveal my theory on how to make the hardest bricks ever out of human snot and dust. Either hard bricks or a very strong glue. I certainly will not go into how difficult it was to extricate those stupid little smeering snot nodules from my beloved schnoz.

I put the shelf up with the TV on it for Cora and now she is happily in there sewing her heart out. Check out her Etsy!

And, me? I am relaxing...finally. I am watching Star Trek, The Next Generation. They were on a marthon today, so I recorded a few. Cora is watching the same one. We have to sync is annoying when they are not in sync.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I doubt I will be subbing for a couple days, but, the good old maintenance dept. still has a place or me!


Cora said...

Although you don't think so you got alot done today. Even though it is cluttered and small I like my dungeon, oops I mean sewing room.
Love ya

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. sounds like you were busy, busy , busy...
One thing that I didn't like is that you went to the bad word of Lowe's...
you should go to HOME DEPOT..
Have a Great 1st day.. even though my kids have been in school for almost a month..