Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Principles and Principals

My first day back substituting actually ended with a child in the office talking to the principal. I am an overwhelmingly good natured teacher...at least I think I am...and it takes LOT to make me send a child to see the principal. I mean, yeah, if you were hitting someone else, or were doing something else equally heinous, you are going to go see a higher authority.
This kid just would not do what I asked(be quiet while I am giving directions, sit still). Then when I asked him to go to time out, he begged me not to make him. That annoyed me. Still he would not go(Weird, since kids at this school almost always obey immediately). I then offered another choice: Principal or corner? He chose the corner/timeout, but took his time. I caught him watching class activities over and over again...finally, I grew tired of telling him to turn around. I told him if he did not stop it, I would send him to the principal. He seemed to understand, and turned back to the corner. Seconds later he was facing the room again. It is against my principles to let that go. "GO!" And he complained and pouted and whined and begged. He said he'd already been once today. There was another teacher in the room. I asked her to escort my boy to the office. I did not want to start the year like that.

On the other hand, at least I was not outside with the maintenance boys. They were picking up the dirt we had shovelled the day previous. Yesterday I helped them dig holes. each of us had to dig a four feet deep hole and then help on the final one. These are for some basketball hoops. I hve never really enjoyed basketball, but having to dig a four feet deep hole has definitely lowered my appreciation for the game.

I have three more days of subbing for music. Tomorrow should be better.

As for today, kids continue to tell me I am dancing. I have been telling them I don't dance...they laugh and say I do. Well, whatever makes them happy.


Cora said...

Send more to the principal that is what I say. Hope tomorrow is a bit easier.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I would just send them on the first bad thing they do..
I would be a MEAN sub..
Love it..
Now be nice tomorrow and don't make any kids disobey you..
Have a Great Day..

Grandma said...

I wonder who is raising that child, that he has absolutely no regard for authority. Maybe you can teach him that, if nothing else.
Keep digging, maybe you'll strike oil. LOL

Erin said...

Ahww yes, how fun it would be to be a kid again, but retain what you know, just to go back and annoy the hell out of a teacher!