Saturday, September 20, 2008

Knight Rider

Knight Rider! I love a fast car...

Is it wrong that, after more than 20 years, I have a manic thrill coursing through me as I am watching the first episode of Kinght Rider. Yes, complete with David Hasselhoff. I remember this from when it first came on. I was in second or third grade. It has REALLY beena long time since I watched Knight Rider. My best friend was a fanatic. He wanted, more than anything else, to get the light in the grill that went back and forth on KITT. He wanted to install one on his 1976 Pacer. He thought that would be the most awesome thing ever. I always thought he was a little bit off.

Watching this show brings alot of memories of him and my early childhood flooding back. I am also aware that I have had a glass or two of wine. Still, memories are sometimes difficult to control. As some of you know, my dearest friend Jim passed 11 years ago. So, while this is recorded in a post that will sound somewhat dumb later, I now raise my glass to the memory of my best friend. James Damon Coder! May we all have a smart car someday! Here's to you Jim! I miss you.

Today, I made a few false attempts at painting new decorations for our walls. What do you think? Cora thinks the long one is a Tim Burtonesque tribute to the remnants of a forest fire.

I don't think she likes it very much. The other two suffer from trees that have the wrong hue of green...well, I will give them another shot in the morning.

Here is what they used to look like:

We also looked at fish today, but the one we wanted looked sick. Well, I will give the paintings another shot in the morning.

I picked up a book from my youth the other night. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I have a leather bound edition. I began reading where I had left the ribbon. It described flight.

The Hitchhiker's Guide has this to say on the subject of flying:

"There is an art...or, rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss..." This is good stuff, you might want to write it down. "Pick a nice day...and try it." All right, I am a big fan of Douglas Adams. "The first part is easy. All it requires is simply the ability to throw yourself forward with all your weight, and the willingness not to mind that it's going to hurt. that is, it's going to hurt if you fail to miss the ground." Sounds easy enough. "Most people fail to miss the ground, and if they are really trying properly, the likelihood is that they will fail to miss it fairly hard." Douglas Adams was a genius of the written word. I am truly jealous.


Grandma said...

A tree without leaves
is like a coat
without sleeves.
I'm glad you put
sleeves on the trees.
Now they won't freeze.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. I sooo remember Knight Rider....
Loved it..
Also I like the painting of the trees with no leaves..
Have a Great Sunday

Cora said...

That painting scares me it. I think it should be named aftermath of a forest fire.
I am glad that we both have such strong memories of Jim. I wish he was here to see the new Knight Rider.

Erin said...

I always watched Night Rider, but maybe because we only had 3 channels back then. To this day I will press the side of my watch and try to tell my car to come to me, but she never does. I think if you turn the trees upside down it could be a view of whats underground! Call it Roots!