Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Touch of Grey

It started out cool this morning. I was forced to grab an overshirt/jacket. I was aiming to have a good first day of school. Turns out certain coworkers did not strive to help me with that goal. I had to work with the other guy today. He was up to his usual laziness. I asked him numerous times to lend a hand...he is extremely large...and one assumes somewhat useful in moving heavy items...a wrong assumption in his case. I now have a sore shoulder because Boulder Belly was too lazy to get off the forklift and he declined when I asked for a hand. I could go on all night about his faults. I won't. (Though, if you want to give that annoying coworker a piece of your mind and remain anonomous, try this site!)

Despite that, I ended up having a good day. It wasn't a bad day. "The cow is giving kerosene...I will get by, I will survive"...If I were Dead, I'd be Grateful.

Catchy song, huh? It's been in my head all day.

I HAVE found a few good blogs. I think you will notice them in the side bar: FL390, Babies, and Funny Monkey (OK, she changed her blog name to RANDOM RAMBLINGS). Each one has their own niche. Babies in Open, for instance, is a great place to learn something about the Navy(her other blog is somewhat political, and not everyone will enjoy it). FL390, which I have abbreviated from Flight Level 390, is the blog of an airline pilot who blogs from the cockpit, one assumes. And Funny Monkey is a hilarious take on everyday life! I went to school with Funny Monkey, and she is definitely worth a read. Let them know PLANETRUTH sent you. I hope you will take a look and enjoy them.

Now I know why Alice in Wonderland saw the cards painting the roses red. (Not pink, not green, not aquamarine, they were painting the roses red) It is a referrence by Lewis Carol to the War of the Roses in Britain. The red roses were the House of Lancaster and white roses were from the House of York. It was a 30 year war in England, and when it was over you had the period of Tudor rule(1485-1603). Cool, huh? (I was watching "What the Tudors Did for Us.")

I came home and rototilled the side yard, then went with Cora to the cloth store and then to dinner. Now, I am nursing my sore shoulder and watching TV. I wish you all a nice evening!

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Cora said...

I do love you and your blog.
Your wife who sits next to you most of the night,